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Moments with Nature

Paul Vitko is an artist, and has shared some of the work from his own back yard. If you would like to see more of Paul’s work go to: The challenge is being present in the moment, seeing, translating, … Continue reading

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Travels with the Earth Oracle

I recently read an important new book on Earth Spirituality, called “Travels with the Earth Oracle”. This the story of a group of people who traveled to sacred areas around the world.The book is about engaging with the Earth in … Continue reading

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Holiday Books for Nature Loving Kids

During the holidays, you can buy my books at a 50% discount off of the retail price. Each book is priced at $12 + $3 shipping = $15. I will sign all books. Books can be returned for 100% refund. … Continue reading

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Gatewood School Poetry Residency 2016

Many thanks to the Gatewood PTO, who funded the poetry residency for many years.   Tiger Fly It’s a beautiful butterfly Golden as the sun Sometimes I wonder How old it was But now I’m sad Because it is Dead … Continue reading

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Fish Whisperer

First snorkel Perched on a rock in the rapids A large muskie swam up and rested beside me Ecstatic wondered if I should be panicked. Hoped that I was not wearing anything shiny that looked tasty to a muskie. Welcome … Continue reading

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Saving the Planet, One Weed at a Time

For the past 21 years, four of us have transformed an abandoned lot into a native prairie.  The project has given us an opportunity to express ourselves as guardians of the Earth.  What would our Earth be like, if all … Continue reading

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Walking on Sacred Land

A true story by Eric Wickiser and the Old Naturalist. Only the names have changed. One day weasel and deer mouse traveled to one of the canyons in the Badlands of  South Dakota to connect with the spirits of the … Continue reading

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Thirteen Year-old Naturalist

Felix Fettig is passionate about butterflies, native plants and amphibians. In 3rd grade Felix started raising monarch caterpillars and has done this activity for the past five years. “ I just feel really passionate about this. I have raised monarchs, … Continue reading

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Shadows Then Light – Wolf Ridge 2016

Old Naturalist: The Hopkins Field Biology Camp has been run by Scott Stillman for 18 years. He recently received a “Life Changer” award for his work with children and nature. During this year’s camp, I was surrounded by natural beauty, … Continue reading

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Galapagos Dreams

The ArtStart Camp run by Carol Sirrine is in its 25th year. The theme this week was the Galapagos Islands. The students in our classes were between 6  and 11 years old. Their dedication to their work and attention to … Continue reading

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