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Spirit Walk

The untouched areas of the Porcupine Mountains in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan provided inspiration and learning for our group of nature seekers. The songs of the forest felt alive in my cells. Never have I felt the natural life … Continue reading

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Hidden Beauty in Murky Water

Minnehaha Creek  flows out of Lake Minnetonka and lot of fish go over the dam during the spring runoff. I love to snorkel here until the creek gets too polluted by all the human activity on the lake. Winter is … Continue reading

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Addicted to Whale Watching

Would you pay $50 to go out on a ship, possibly get seasick, stand in the cold and get soaked for 3 hours, just to get a glimpse of a whale? It turns out there are millions of people a … Continue reading

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Smart Phone Naturalist

Steven Barnier is a senior at Hopkins High School in the Minneapolis Area. He has already completed AP Biology and Chemistry and is possibly interested in a career in forestry. Steven shared his photos with me during the Hopkins Field … Continue reading

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Changing the World – One birdwatcher at a Time

Posting and photos by Amy Simso Dean I want to change the world. But how can one introverted, bird nerd from Minnesota inspire world environmentalism? I am no John Muir or Rachel Carson. My answer (or at least I hope … Continue reading

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Make Your Heart Sing

80 teenagers for a week in the woods Hopkins Field Biology class. Sound a little scary?…… No cell phones or electronics, just being in the woods with kids who were totally open to the beauty that surrounded them…..  it made … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned at the Prairie – Year 22

Lessons learned at the prairie:  ” Nature can balance the rough places inside you.” Lessons  learned at the Prairie: “Let the beauty go deep into your bones”. Lessons learned at the Prairie: “Do as much as you can to help … Continue reading

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Fifteen Rays of Hope

Note: The video can only be seen by using Safari. Last week I participated in an ArtStart* project  that focused on African biomes. For four days I was blessed to be among 15  creative young adults. Students researched their biome, created … Continue reading

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Good-bye Blue Whale

In May 2017, a blue whale was struck by a ship off the coast of Northern California. A few days later the creature washed up on a beach in Bolinas, CA. Do incidents like this mean that the endangered blue … Continue reading

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Fifteen Minutes with Nature

What would happen if you turned off your phone, iPad and other devices and spent time listening and observing nature? This is the challenge I offered up to 4th graders at Cedar Ridge School in Eden Prairie, MN. The students … Continue reading

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