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Pull a Buckthorn – Plant an Oak

How many acorns will survive and become mature oaks?  Even if none survive, the project will not be a failure, but a success, because the land had someone caring for its future. There is a multitude of 100 year-old bur … Continue reading

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Pebbles, Sand and Silt

Properties of Rocks – Experiment 2 Sorting Rocks Chant What is erosion?  (class repeats) Erosion is the wearing away of rocks Into smaller materials Erosion is caused by the wind, rain, rivers and the oceans. Chant Boulders are eroded into … Continue reading

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Informes de animales

Lobo El lobo es de color gris y del tamaño de un perro grande. Tiene un sentido del olfato cien veces más desarrollado que los seres humanos. Los lobos son predadores superiores y comen venados y alces. En verano, los lobos … Continue reading

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